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Cheeky Kitten Auctions for the week of Feb 7

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Cheeky Kitten Auctions for the week of Feb 7

Post by Willow Ordinary on Mon Feb 07, 2011 3:36 am

All times are SLT (Eastern US time)

Monday 7pm FISH auction with Bell Pizzaro

Tuesday 8pm AMARETTO auction with Estrella Lionheart

Wednesday 7pm AMARETTO auction with Bell Pizzaro

Thursday None Scheduled

Friday None Scheduled

Saturday None Scheduled

Sunday 11pm WILDWOOD Pajama Party with Estrella Lionheart

**You may reserve your podium the day of the auction, just pay the podium you wish to reserve via the kitty or the cupcake (depending on the auction, cupcake podiums are for dog and horse auctions, kitty podiums are for cat and fish auctions)
**You will receive your notecards directly from the reservation podium, once filled out please drop in the auctioneer's mailbox.

If you have any questions please contact Phedre Rae or Willow Ordinary inworld
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