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This week's Cheeky Kitten Auctions!

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This week's Cheeky Kitten Auctions! Empty This week's Cheeky Kitten Auctions!

Post by Willow Ordinary on Sun Mar 06, 2011 4:17 pm

Sunday- 10pm late night KittyCats auction with Estrella

Monday- 2pm Wildwoods auction with Willow

Tuesday- 830pm Amaretto auction with Estrella

Wednesday- No scheduled Auctions

Thursday- 6pm KittyCats auction with Estrella

Friday- 2pm Wildwoods auction with Willow
8pm Biobreeds auction with Estrella

Saturday- No scheduled Auctions

We have a brand new reservation system! It's super easy to use, find the board corresponding to the date and time of the auction you'd like to attend, pick a panel number that hasn't been reserved yet and right click and choose 'pay' your name should appear shortly next to the panel number and a note card will be delivered to you. Once you complete your note card drop it in the space provided on the reservation board...and you're good to go! You can reserve your space anytime the week of the auction and reserve space in as many auctions as you'd like. As always if you have questions please IM me (Willow Ordinary) in world. If I'm offline a note card works best! Can't wait to see you at the auctions Very Happy

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